Saturday, July 6, 2013

Revolution 2020

Chetan Bhagat

The Story-
This story revolves around a Love Triangle between Gopal Mishra, Raghav Mishra and Aarti Pradhan , who are three childhood friends. Gopal uses his hard work to become successful and rich by help of a fraud MLA, but Raghav uses his intelligence and hard work it to change the country, start a revolution...

but, Both love the same girl...

This is a nerve-gripping story about the clash of the two old friends for success as well as the same girl, Aarti. Gopal uses all his power to bankrupt Raghav, and Raghav uses all his power to shame Gopal in front of the country. Who will win this war?Who will succeed?Who will remember old friendship and humanity?

Now its up to you to find out...

The Characters I like-
I like Aarti Pradhan the most because she is the one who is soft hearted and kind. She is a true friend, and she will never make anyone feel bad. she cradles and handles her relationship with both the boys very carefully and delicately too.

I want others to read the book because-
This story is really good and wants us to explore more and more into the book. This story also reflects that however bad you think a person may be, but all have the same pure soul inside them and will surely realize in one day.

Creative suggestion I would like to incorporate:
The author should have shown a happy ending  for ll of the three, rather than the gloom of any one. He should also have incorporated a bit of more cheer in the book, rather than gloom, and he should have not shown the betrayal of love, relationships, family and friendship in the story too.