Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gently falls the Bakula

Sudha Murthy

The Story-
Shrimati Deshpande and Shrikant Deshpande are the most intelligent kids of their school. Though they are neighbours, they never converse or play with each other because of the rivalry between their ancestors being carried on with their children. However, soon Shrikant and Shrimati become friends and start meeting each other daily, which intimely turns into love. 

Though passing with exellent marks in her SSC, Shrimati joins an art college, because she is fantasised by the subject History. After Engineering, Shrikant is posted in the U.S., where they continue with writing to each other. 

Soon Srikant and Shrimati marry each other crossing the barriers of their families, where Shrimati had to listen to constant picking of her sister in law, Rama and mother in law Gangakka. When they return to the U.S., where Shrikant is engrossed in his work having no time for Shrimati, who renounces her career  and becomes a obedient wife serving her husband. 

Soon after a talk with Mike Collins, she decides to break her silence and talk about her problem to Shrikant...But will Shrikant understand her? Will he find time for her out of his busy schedule? Or will Shrimati do something unconventional for an Indian wife? 

The Characters I Liked - 

I like professor Mike Collins the most, because he was a true person, a philosopher and Scholar, and a very good person, who had the real identity to aptitude. He is  person who is following his dreams and a very knowledgeable person.

I want others to read this book because-

This book has a deep moral to it. It conveys that even women have their own life and have full right to live it. Women should not accept domination by men and should thrive towards their own goals rather that confining themselves into the nutshell of their homes, however rich they may be. A must read for Indian Women.

Creative suggestions I would like to incorporate-

I would like to give it a different twist to the story, and give it a happy ending and mutual understanding between the couple. they should have shown support by Shrikant at the end, to prove that Indian men can lend support and understand their wives too.