Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dollar Bahu

Sudha Murthy

The Story-

The beautiful and golden singer,Vinuta, marries Girish, a bank clerk. after her elder brother in law who is settled in the U.S., married Jamuna, a rich girl of rich family, Vinuta's place and respect in the family deteriorates, and she bears the constant comparisons between her, and Jamuna, the 'Dollar Bahu' by Gouramma, their mother in law.

When Gouramma decides to visit the U.S.,  she finds out how liberating life can be, without the strict rules in Indian family life. she also realizes, that only dollars cannot buy the love and respect she gets back in her hometown. She realizes how in the U.S, the elders are not respected as in India.

But, now can Vinuta and Gauramma forget the past and make a new beginning of their relationship?

The Characters I liked-

I really liked Shamanna, Girish and Chandru's daddy, because he was a very good person, and he knew that love was greater than money. He was well-off, but simple and never believed in show off. He was like a saint, very calm and peaceful with a crystal clear mind.

I want others to read this book too because-

This because describes a very common household scene, where the kids settled abroad are respected more than others, and the wives of the ones settled in their own hometown are underestimated and discriminated too because the children in abroad rise the family name and also earn in Dollars or any other currency, which makes the family well off. But, in abroad, elders are not paid heed and respected like that in India. It says that Love and Respect is more valuable than Money.

Creative suggestions I would like to incorporate:

The book is almost perfect, and it does not need any changes, but, I would like to say that the stories have a certain similarity and uniformity, and you will enjoy reading them if you do not know about Indian culture, but if an Indian is reading this story, he may fell it to be a very normal story. But, Sudha Murthy is an excellent writer and I just love reading her books...